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Hi there! I'm Haley Petre.

I left my position as a designer for a corporate retailer to pursue my true passion of helping individuals elevate their brand so that you can achieve your goals. 

As a marketing and design professional, I tailor each project and design to reflect your industry, your goals, and your mission. I want to curate memorable designs that resonate with your audience and allow you to get one step closer to achieving your goals by visually communicating the value of your expertise. With a background in marketing management and graphic design, I seek to combine my knowledge of business with my passion for design and brand strategy.

Let's make your dreams a reality!

Bringing your vision to life.
Convert your dream clients.

With a degree in Marketing Management, emphasis in technology-mediated marketing, and professional experience in graphic design and product development at the corporate level, I bring a level of understanding, organization, and creative professionalism necessary to create client-driven design that leads to growth.

In 2022, I took a leap of faith and launched Haley Petre Designs as my full time passion.

My Promise.

01 Value 

I will seek to deliver value by creating custom designs that are uniquely yours. 

02 Transparency

I will remain open and transparent about my knowledge and abilities, prices, and timelines throughout the process. 

03 Attentive 

I will always be attentive to you, your needs, and your vision. I want to make sure that we collaborate as partners throughout the process.

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